Back in August, Keith and I took a road trip to Montréal. We knew we wanted to go somewhere different and didn’t want to spend a fortune. And being on the East Coast, we are close proximity to Canada (about 6 hours away). So I thought, why not explore the beautiful French speaking city, Montréal.

Atwater Cocktail Club
512 Atwater, Montréal, Quebec
drinking genie wishes.. 🧞‍♂️

Old Montreal.

The cobble stone roads were charming and almost every store was decorated with beautiful flowers. I absolutely loved the architecture of the buildings.

This cafe is also known as:
Le Petit Dep
179 Saint-Paul St W
Montréal, Quebec
My feet were hurting at this point 🤫


The things you find in Chinatown.. 😏
Bubble tea!
Steamed bun cakes.

The Lockhart Bar
(Harry Potter Themed Bar)

3979 St Denis St, Montréal, Quebec

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
110 Notre-Dame St W, Montréal, Quebec

I recommend seeing the light show.

3813 A St Denis St, Montreal

Montréal Poutine
181 Rue Saint Paul Est, Montréal, Quebec

I still dream about this poutine…

I loved Montréal. I would go back in a heartbeat.

This trip was a special birthday treat. All thanks to this handsome guy with his Cuban cigar…

Au revoir!