My Fashion Challenge for 2020

Last year, I read an article that Elsie Larson posted on A Beautiful Mess about doing a Fashion Challenge For 2019 where she only purchased used preowned clothing for a whole year! I remember seeing that and thinking, “Oh I should try to do that!”

I already love to shop vintage. Put me in a vintage shop, and I’m like a kid at a candy store. Same goes for thrift & consignment shops!

Here’s a knitted top I purchased from a local vintage shop this earlier this year. The design on it is very unique.
Here’s a close up. It’s so cute! And whoever hand knitted the sweater did such an amazing job.
I’ve tried looking up this tag too, and I couldn’t find any information online. It’s such a mystery! I’m guessing by the tag that it was made in England. If anyone knows this brand or whoever made it, please let me know! ❤️

So here it is people! I am going to take the challenge!

The only thing I’d like to add to my challenge is, not only am I going to purchasing pre-owned/pre-loved clothing, but I’m also going to be purchasing from sustainable clothing companies. As much as “fast fashion” can be fun and exciting, it’s so harmful to our environment and there are so many amazing sustainable companies out there that I’d really like to check out and support!

Just like what Elsie Larson did, I’d like to post some “rules” for myself. That way, I have it set in stone and I can’t cheat!

  • Not spending any money on new clothing or accessories in the year 2020! So that means, not buying any new dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry, or shoes, from any of my favorite stores.
  • The only thing I CAN purchase are underwear and socks. (self-explanatory)
  • I can also purchase from sustainable clothing companies (see example of one of my favorite swimsuit company: The Days Swimwear)
  • Gift card loophole. IF I DO get a giftcard for my birthday, I am allowed to use it. I did get a Marshalls/TJ MAXX gift card and Target gift cards for Christmas, but I plan on using it to purchase beauty/skin care products anyway, so I think I’ll be a-okay! But JUST IN CASE.. I’m leaving this tiny loophole open 😛
  • I can only purchase used clothing from any store. It could be a local thrift/consignment shop or from the online shops like Etsy, Poshmark, The RealReal, Depop, etc.
  • Ok, I am really stealing this one from Elsie as well because it’s necessary, “It’s ok to replace basics if they get ruined for some reason.” Hey.. you never know.

I will post my updates on here as the year goes on and I promise, scout’s honor, that I will be honest with you all if there is an “oopsie.” But I plan to be fully committed to this challenge!

Maybe I’ll do a post on some great sustainable companies I plan on exploring as well 🙂

If anyone has any more recommendations, please feel free to share with me! Or if you’re in the NJ or NYC area, I would love to know any great thrift stores or vintage shops.

Here we go 2020! Wish me luck!

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